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The food we eat not only fuels our body, but it defines how others see us, and even how we see ourselves.  By learning more about the food we consume, it could be said, that we are learning about ourselves! To celebrate National Nutrition Month, we thought it would be fun to learn more about the fruits and vegetables that are on our plates every day with an event we call “Munch Madness”. Sunrise Natural Foods wants to hear from YOU about which fruits and vegetables you like the most. Read about some of our favorites, then vote below on which one you prefer to receive a 25% discount!


Nickname/Origin: The apple tree is called malus pumila.

Unique Varieties: Spartan, Dog’s Snout, Wealthy

Why we love them? Studies have specifically linked apple consumption to a reduced risk of cancer, aid in asthma, and lower cholesterol. Their high fiber content facilitates digestion as well as promotes weight loss.

Fun Facts:

  • The apple tree is a deciduous tree in the rose family best known for its sweet, pomaceous fruit
  • 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States. 7,500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world.

Best Jokes:

Q. What did the apple skin say to the apple?
 I've got you covered.


Nickname/Origin: Daucus Carota. At times, they have been marketed as “X-Ray Vision Carrots”.

Unique Varieties: Purple Dragon, White Satin, Hercules

Why we love them? Carrots are great for improving eye sight and preventing heart disease. Not only do carrots promote glowing skin, they also protect against cancer and improve digestion.

Fun Facts:

  • When they were first cultivated, carrots were grown for their aromatic leaves and seeds rather than their roots
  • The human body turns beta-carotene into vitamin A and carrots are one of the best sources for beta-carotene. Vitamin A is important for the health of our vision as well as our bones, teeth and skin.

Best Joke:

Q. What's a Vegetable's favorite martial art?
A. Carrotee!


Nickname/Origin: Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. In some countries they are called Plantains. Clusters of Banana’s are called “Hands”.

Unique Varieties: Scarlett Banana, Pink Banana, Snow Banana

Why we love them? Bananas are a fantastic source of potassium and manganese. Bananas boost eye and bone health. Additionally, this sweet fruit has been found to cure kidney disorders and relieve constipation.

Fun Facts:

  • Botanically speaking, a banana is a berry. The term "banana" is also used as the common name for the plants that produce the fruit.
  • Export bananas are picked green, and ripen in special rooms upon arrival in the destination country. These rooms are air-tight and filled with ethylene gas to induce ripening. The vivid yellow color consumers normally associate with supermarket bananas is, in fact, caused by the artificial ripening process.

Best Joke:

Q.  What fruit teases you a lot?
  A Ba na..na..na..na..na!


Nickname/Origin: Borecole, Brassica Oleraceaor. It’s nicknames are wild cabbage and leaf cabbage.

Unique Varieties: Red Russian Kale, Curly Kale, Dinosaur Kale

Why we love them? Kale is fantastic at detoxing the body as well as preventing inflammation. Kale is also a high source of calcium, potassium, and Vitamin K. These leafy green lowers cholesterol, aids in weight loss, and reduces the risk of stroke.

Fun Facts:

  • A serving of kale has more absorbable calcium than a small carton of milk
  • Kale possesses phytonutrients, which quell inflammation, improve the liver’s detox ability, and can even protect brain cells from stress. Kale talks to your DNA and tells it to sing the sweet, slow song of health and happiness.

Best Joke:

Q. What do you call greens in a mini-skirt?
A. Dressed to Kale 


Nickname/Origin: Grapes are called Vitis Vinifera. Popular nicknames include “Juice of the Vine” and “Dago Red”.

Unique Varieties: ScuppernongsChasselas Doré Pronounced Chass-lah Door-ay, Steen

Why we love them? Grapes are abundant with Vitamin C, allowing them to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Fun Facts:

  • One cup of grapes, with about 100 calories, provides more than a quarter of the daily recommended values of vitamins K and C. Grape seeds, which are edible, are chock-full of antioxidants.
  • Grapes come in many colors, including green, red, black, yellow, pink, and purple. "White" grapes are actually green.

Best Joke:

Q. Why'd Mrs. Grape leave her family?
A. She was tired of raisin kids!


Nickname/Origin: Agaricus Bisporus. One nickname for mushrooms are “toadstools”.

Unique Varieties: Truffles, jellies, earthstars, and bird's nests

Why we love them? Mushrooms have been found to prevent osteoporosis, cancer, and high cholesterol. Mushrooms are also a fantastic source of iron.

Fun Facts:

  • Mushrooms are made up of around 90% water.
  • The mushroom is used in many cuisines throughout the world and it is known as the "meat" of the vegetable world.

Best Joke:

Q. Why do mushrooms get invited to all the vegetable parties?
A. Because they are such fungi


Nickname/Origin: The binomial name is Citrus Sinensis. There is no known nickname for an orange. Perhaps it is because there is now word that rhymes with it.

Unique Varieties: Blonde, Blood, Parson Brown

Why we love them? Oranges are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, promoting healthy skin, eyes, and kidneys.

Fun Facts:

  • It is believed that Christopher Columbus was the first to bring orange seeds to America during his second voyage to the region in 1493
  • The little orange made a strange bump at the bottom of the orange skin, that looked just like a human "belly-button". These oranges were named "Navel Oranges

Best Joke:

Q. Why did the man at the orange juice factory lose his job?
A. He couldn’t Concentrate


Nickname/Origin: The word potato comes from the Spanish word patata. 
The nickname for a potato is “Spud”.

Unique Varieties: Russian Banana, Red Thumb, Purple Majesty, All Blue

Why we love them? Potatoes are a fantastic food to eat when trying to lower blood pressure, protecting against heart attack and stroke. Also, potatoes are low in fat, low in calories and high in fiber, making them a great food for weight loss.

Fun Facts:

  • The name spud for a small potato comes from the digging of soil (or a hole) prior to the planting of potatoes.
  • Potatoes are used to brew alcoholic beverages such as vodka, poitín, or aquavit.
  • Potato skins, along with honey, are a folk remedy for burns in India. Burn centers in India have experimented with the use of the thin outer skin layer to protect burns while healing

Best Joke:

Q. Why did the potatoes argue?
A. Because they couldn’t see eye to eye.