Fighting the Flu, Before it Gets to You

The 2017-2018 flu season in America has affected an outstanding number of individuals. Reports of flu diagnosis continue to increase as the cold, winter months progress. The CDC stated in the beginning of January, 22.7% of all hospitalizations were due to the influenza virus. The particular strain of flu this season is infecting people of all ages, whether or not they received a flu shot. Taking action to prevent terrible symptoms, such as fever, congestion, and nausea, is crucial to remain healthy year-round.

Natural methods of prevention begin by boosting the immune system. Providing the body with tools to strengthen bacteria-fighting cells will inhibit harmful illnesses from taking over. Some may be familiar with ginger, garlic, citrus and antioxidant rich berries as immune boosting foods. While sipping on a warm mug of lemon tea, or taking a swig of a pungent ginger shot may be beneficial to overall immunity and gut health, avoiding the flu virus will require extra support. Ancient herbal medicinal practices have found natural, immune improving properties in many exotic plant sources. Elderberry, olive leaf, echinacea, thyme, and myrrh are just a handful of health promoting ingredients found in the plant kingdom. The daunting task of hunting down every herbal superfood drives people away from natural approaches of healing and prevention. Furthermore, the idea of a cluttered cabinet filled with fifty or more supplement bottles is far from appealing. Fortunately, promoting the body’s natural defence system has finally been made easy and accessible to everyone.

The solution is an all-in-one immune defence liquid supplement. Once October rolls around, Sunrise Natural Foods customers begin stocking up on their favorite elixir to get them through the flu season. Many companies have developed a perfect concoction of exotic herbs, roots, and minerals known to strengthen immunity. A popular brand, cleared from the shelves this time of year, is Buried Treasure. The liquid tonic, created for daily immune support, provides consumers with the optimal package deal. The extensive variety of nutrient dense, plant based supplements, reduced to a simple liquid, allows for high bioavailability within the bloodstream as well as a perfect option for those who struggle swallowing capsules.

Regular shoppers proclaim to never face the upcoming winter moths without a natural immune boosting supplement. Also, continuing to incorporate healthy practices in daily life will, in turn, result with optimal well-being. Life long habits of eating a clean diet, with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, as well as moderate exercise, will allow the body to operate at peak performance. I can also not stress enough the importance of staying hydrated. All bodily functions, including the immune, digestive, and detoxification systems, require water to operate properly. A good guideline I follow is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. From experience, a daily routine of feeding my body nutrient dense foods, taking natural supplements when needed, and practicing yoga, has supported my strong immune system throughout the year. There is no need to fear the flu season any longer. Taking the correct steps toward natural methods of prevention will strengthen your immune system and give your body the chance to remain healthy throughout the year.

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